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The NRC is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion. We encourage you to self-declare as a member of a designated employment equity group during the job application process.

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Technical Officer, Animal Resources Ottawa, ON, CA 14-Jun-2022
Director General, Aerospace
Director General, Aerospace Bilingual 10-Jun-2022
Ottawa, ON, CA 10-Jun-2022
Technical Translator-Editor
Technical Translator-Editor Bilingual 28-Jun-2022
Ottawa, ON, CA 28-Jun-2022
Technical Officer, Infectious Disease Ottawa, ON, CA 28-Jun-2022
Real Property Advisor
Real Property Advisor Bilingual 29-Jun-2022
Ottawa, ON, CA 29-Jun-2022
Project Management Coordinator
Project Management Coordinator English 27-Jun-2022
Ottawa, ON, CA 27-Jun-2022
Senior Manager, Library and Information Management Client Support Services Ottawa, ON, CA 07-Jun-2022
Director General, Human Health Therapeutics Ottawa, ON, CA 09-Jun-2022
Construction Codes Policy Advisor
Construction Codes Policy Advisor English 28-Jun-2022
Ottawa, ON, CA 28-Jun-2022
HPC and Application Support Technical Advisor Ottawa, ON, CA 30-Jun-2022
Human Resources Officer
Human Resources Officer Bilingual 13-Jun-2022
Ottawa, ON, CA 13-Jun-2022
Cloud Software Solutions Analyst
Cloud Software Solutions Analyst Bilingual 03-Jul-2022
Ottawa, ON, CA 03-Jul-2022
Industrial Technology Advisor - Mechanical Engineering Nelson, BC, CA 21-Jun-2022
Industrial Technology Advisor - Material Science and Engineering Montréal, QC, CA 18-Jun-2022
Director, Manufacturing
Director, Manufacturing Bilingual 05-Jun-2022
Montréal, QC, CA 05-Jun-2022
Electronics and Instrumentation Technician
Electronics and Instrumentation Technician English or French 08-Jun-2022
Montréal, QC, CA 08-Jun-2022
Technical Officer, Purification (Dowstream Process) Montréal, QC, CA 22-Jun-2022
Technical Officer, Cell Culture
Technical Officer, Cell Culture English or French 22-Jun-2022
Montréal, QC, CA 22-Jun-2022
Warehouse Operator
Warehouse Operator Bilingual 11-Jun-2022
Montréal, QC, CA 11-Jun-2022
Manufacturing Technician - Filling Operations
Manufacturing Technician - Filling Operations English or French 25-Jun-2022
Montréal, QC, CA 25-Jun-2022
Technical Officer, Rapid Protein Production Montréal, QC, CA 28-Jun-2022
Maintenance Technician, GMP Biologic
Maintenance Technician, GMP Biologic Bilingual 28-Jun-2022
Montréal, QC, CA 28-Jun-2022
Industrial Technology Advisor
Industrial Technology Advisor Bilingual 24-Jun-2022
Moncton, NB, CA 24-Jun-2022
Industrial Technology Advisor - Food Science and Technologie Laval, QC, CA 25-Jun-2022
Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant Bilingual 15-Jun-2022
Halifax, NS, CA 15-Jun-2022