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The NRC is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion. We encourage you to self-declare as a member of a designated employment equity group during the job application process.

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Technical Officer, Frequency and Time Ottawa, ON, CA 31-Mar-2023
Scientific and Applications Programming Support Analyst Boucherville, QC, CA 30-Mar-2023
Specialist in bioconversion and biomethanization Montréal, QC, CA 30-Mar-2023
Technical Officer, Applied Microbiology
Technical Officer, Applied Microbiology English or French 30-Mar-2023
Montréal, QC, CA 30-Mar-2023
Business Development Officer - Aquatic and Crop Resource Development Halifax, NS, CA 30-Mar-2023
Research Officer, Low-carbon Concrete Materials Ottawa, ON, CA 29-Mar-2023
Industrial Technology Advisor - Information and Communications Technology Québec, QC, CA 28-Mar-2023
Administrative Assistant to the Director General Ottawa, ON, CA 28-Mar-2023
Health Safety and Environment Advisor Ottawa, ON, CA 28-Mar-2023
Thermal-Mechanical Characterizations Facility Coordinator Edmonton, AB, CA 28-Mar-2023
Research Officer, Life Cycle Assessment Ottawa, ON, CA 27-Mar-2023
Research Officer(s), Life Cycle Inventories (LCIs) for the Built Environment Ottawa, ON, CA 27-Mar-2023
Industrial Technology Advisor - Various Domains Montréal, QC, CA 27-Mar-2023
Labour Relation Advisor
Labour Relation Advisor Bilingual 24-Mar-2023
Ottawa, ON, CA 24-Mar-2023
Executive Advisor to the Vice-President Ottawa, ON, CA 24-Mar-2023
Human Resources Advisor, Official Languages Within a National Research Cou, ON, CA 23-Mar-2023
Manager, Business Application Development Ottawa, ON, CA 23-Mar-2023
Research Officer, Performance-based Codes - Earthquake Ottawa, ON, CA 22-Mar-2023
Research Associate, Performance-based Codes - Fire Ottawa, ON, CA 22-Mar-2023
Director General, Medical Devices
Director General, Medical Devices Bilingual 21-Mar-2023
Montréal, QC, CA 21-Mar-2023
Emergency Management Analyst
Emergency Management Analyst Bilingual 21-Mar-2023
Within a National Research Cou, BC, CA 21-Mar-2023
Industrial Technology Advisor - Various Domains Boucherville, QC, CA 20-Mar-2023
Industrial Technology Advisor
Industrial Technology Advisor Bilingual 20-Mar-2023
Boucherville, QC, CA 20-Mar-2023
Site Operations Coordinator
Site Operations Coordinator Bilingual 17-Mar-2023
Montréal, QC, CA 17-Mar-2023
Human Resources Advisor, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Within a National Research Cou, ON, CA 17-Mar-2023